AATC (Alvin And The Chipmunk)

11 04 2008

his day at the end of week was SSDD (Same Shit Different Day) i guess. Same like the old yesterday, but i must go through it.

hoooaaaheeemmm …
don’t know, why i’m so boring. But wait a second… i think i have one movie to ‘kill’ my time now. Yap.. right! movie that i downloaded from the net yesterday.

So i start watching movie right now and this post was paused for a while 🙂


(after 2 hour more and less)

hehehehe…. perfect! my moods got changed…. i’m cheerfull again now 😀
thank you AATC The Movie

here some screenshoot that makes my mood changed :

Isn’t that funny ??? 🙂




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