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CFP: Conference on Computational, Computing and Nonlinear Sciences –


Conference on Computational, Computing and Nonlinear Sciences – CCCNS-2008 Jakarta (December 3th, 2008 )
Theme : Challenging Nonlinear Puzzles through Computational Method and Computing Technology

Nonlinearity is a general phenomena of universe which leads to challenging problems in various areas of researches. In most cases, the problems are resolved by making use of computational methods and
computing technologies as well. The conference is intended to gather researchers and scientists from such areas to discuss the problems and solutions, to share the advanced applications and to direct future
researches and applications.

The conference is the first merged event of the annual Workshop on Computational Science (WCS) and Workshop on Nonlinear Phenomena (WNP) organized by the consortium under the Indonesian Computational Society – MKI since 2004. Moreover, in addition to the traditional areas of both workshops, the scope is extended to cover the computing tools supporting computational science to overcome the nonlinear problems.

Following the tradition at WCS and WNP, we welcome students to attend and participate actively, since the conference is mostly intended to provide recent knowledges on related topics that would be useful for
both students and junior academicians. The students are also encouraged to present their recent works. The organizer plans to provide Student Award for the best presenter among the students.


1) Nonlinear science :
Bioscience, Chemistry (reaction, …), Economics, Engineering (fluid, structure, …), Geophysics (atmospheric, hidrology, climate, …), Material Science, Mathematics (chaos, cellular automata, …), Physics (quantum chaos, optics, …), Sociology, etc

2) Computational science :
Data analysis, Model fitting, Modelling, Numerical simulation, etc

3) Computing science :
Computing tools (macro, library, …), Data mining, High performance computing, Parallel processing, etc


All presented paper will be published at the Journal of Theoretical and
Computational Studies – JTCS


– Talk contribution : October 20th, 2008
– Noticement of accepted talks : November 20th, 2008
– Conference : December 3th, 2008


Visit the official website at http://www.opi. situs/cccns2008/


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